My Story so far.

I’ve become pretty obsessed with film and story over the years. It started as a kid in the 90’s, when in my hometown of Dublin, we began to see more world cinema enter the fray thanks to some small theaters, channel 4 movie weeks and specialist video shops (remember those?). A pal of mine introduced me to Asian cinema one Halloween as we ate cheese and pickle sandwiches as the skies outside lit up. We watched a smorgasbord of films from Akira to Once upon a time in China. Mind. Was. Blown. 

I was lucky to catch La Haine in the cinema in ‘95 and it was that movie that made me wonder “how can I do that?”. Unfortunately that’s as far as it went because a career in anything creative was seen as a dumb idea and filmmaking? Well you might as well apply for NASA while you’re at it. 

Years of guzzling movies and teenage silliness lead me nowhere. My Mam, concerned with her wayward kid, figured since I was watching so much anime and drawing ‘Tetsuo’ everywhere, that Animation college might be the path for me. So I went and I got good at it. 

I became a Dad young. Twenty damn years old. It changed everything and so I needed a career fast. I had pals that worked in video games and I was lucky to start there. From there it was a series of gigs. The montage would be a series of shots of me in different dodgy outfits hunched over a variety of screens in different studios by day and sprawled on the couch watching four-in-a-row movies by night. 

At this point I’m a single Dad of a teenage kid, with a similar waywardness I’d displayed when I was his age. He went the way of computer science thank God and I finally decided that I was gonna chase my dream and make some damn films. 

I studied story religiously, took some improv classes and put all of my free time into it and after my first funding application, I miraculously got my chance. It would be a story inspired by my wayward teenage years of skateboarding and drugs and trying to fit in. It was a shit-show I’m not embarrassed to say. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I turned up to set dressed like I was going to a wedding for Christ’s sake! It was a misfire and a baptism of fire but by God I fucking loved it. It was like heroin. 

But like heroin, the withdrawal was horrific. I continued to write and write and write. I applied and applied and applied and eventually got the chance to make another. This time I was ready… To make more mistakes! The film is by no means perfect but I’m proud of it. 

My work was improving and now I had about fifteen different short scripts in varied states of development. But it was when my Grandmother passed away and we learned that when she was young she’d been wrongfully incarcerated in a state run asylum, that I began work on my next and latest film, Uroboros. A film inspired by her story and the story of thousands more. So here we are in the year of our Lord 2024. Uroboros is still in it’s festival run and once again I’m in withdrawal. But the future is bright and I have bigger projects in development. I’m so excited to bring these new stories to light, work with some of the best talent in the world and make plenty more mistakes while I reach for that dream!